Japan ICTウィークは、今年で14年目を迎え、コロナウイルスの影響のため、オンラインの形式で11/9から11/13までの1週間、「ニューノーマル時代の日越ICT協力」というテーマで行われる。


 Japan ICT Week, celebrated its 14th year this year, due to the effect of corona virus, online format 11/9 from 11/13 up to 1 week, the line under the theme of “Vietnam ICT cooperation of the new normal era.” Will be.

 NAL is a Vietnamese IT company that is actively engaged in various activities to promote cooperation between Vietnamese and Japanese IT companies as well as the Vietnamese IT industry. I am participating as a host member of this “Vietnam-Japan ICT Week 2020” online seminar.

 The event will take place over five days and the next activity is planned.

Date and time

15:00-16:30, GMT+9,Tokyo Time

November 9 (month)

15:00-16:30, GMT+9,Tokyo Time

Tuesday, November 10

15:00-16:30, GMT+9,Tokyo Time

November 11 (water)

15:00-16:30, GMT+9,Tokyo Time

Thursday, November 12

15:00-16:30, GMT+9,Tokyo Time

November 13 (gold)

theme Seminar 1:

Promote Japan-Vietnam cooperation with a new method of work

Seminar 2:

AGILE development, productivity and human resources in Japan-Vietnam ICT cooperation

Seminar 3:

Preparing the Vietnamese ICT industry for changes in the supply chain of Japanese companies

Seminar 4:

Japanese information security technology for Vietnamese government and companies

Seminar 5:

Case study: Successful DX model

content –Covid-19 era: Companies survive and expand their business

–Effective work method in the Covid-19 era

–Effective Japan-Vietnam cooperation in the new normal era

–Human resource development in the DX era

–Agile – Trends in effective work styles

–Experience of Agile development in Japan

–JETRO’s supply chain movement support project to Vietnam

–Preparation of Vietnamese ICT industry for changes in supply chain of Japanese companies

–Introducing Japanese ICT solutions for Vietnamese companies

–Industrial DX

–DX trends

–Experience: DX success / challenge

New Normal era of DX method

–Japan-Vietnam cooperation in the DX era

Speaker –Leader of ICT companies in Japan and Vietnam

–ICT / Business Management Expert

–Representative of human resources provider

–Agile experts

–Human resources management specialist

–JETRO leader

–Supply chain experts

–Companies that provide Vietnamese service solutions for the supply chain

–Trend research expert

–Leader of Japanese ICT solution provider

–Industrial experts

–Leader of Japan-Vietnam DX company

–DX expert

participant –Chairman, President, Development Manager of ICT companies in Japan and Vietnam

–Leader of ICT Association

–Chairman, President, Human Resources Manager, Development Manager of ICT companies in Japan and Vietnam

–Human resources development institution

–ICT research support organization

–Leader of companies in other industries in Vietnam and Japan

–Leader of a Japanese company planning to expand into Vietnam

– research Institute

–Japanese companies

–Vietnamese industry companies

–Companies in Japanese industry in Vietnam

–Vietnamese ICT service provider

–Chairman, President, Development Manager of ICT companies in Japan and Vietnam

–Japanese and Vietnamese ICT companies

–DX expert


 Reference:   http://www.vinasa.org.vn/vinasa/4/3076/4211/13043/Tin-VINASA/Moi-tham-gia-Vietnam-Japan-ICT-Week-2020.aspx

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